Tuesday, January 27, 2015

24 Jumpsuit

I have officially entered my mid-20's! 

Am I old enough to be this old?

No matter the number, one thing was for sure. I had to bring it in in-style.

When I purchased this jumpsuit, it wasn't with the intention of wearing it on my birthday.

But once it arrived in the mail, I tried it on and immediately texted a picture of it to Ansley (yes, she's Peaches in my phone) saying this was what I'd be wearing on my birthday.

And I held true to my word.

Good thing because we went out on Friday night (the 23rd) and it was cold and rainy! Yuck. Thank God these are pants. That's the number 1 problem with having a winter birthday — it's hard to find cute outfits that you won't freeze to death in.

There's simple detailing along the neckline which makes it pop. They're silver and copper/gold so you can pair it with anything! There's a elastic band tie around the waist that gives shape to the body and elongates the lower half. Look how long my legs look! 

Ansley, Me, Catherine
and um, hello, POCKETS! Whoever decided to not put pockets in women's clothing is an idiot. Pockets makes life 1000% more convenient.

I kept the accessories to a minimum with simple jewelry; a rose gold ring, small stack of bracelets, two-toned earrings, gray heeled booties, and a sparkly black clutch.

My girl Catherine did our make-up and she did a freaking amazing job. My confidence was through the roof that night and that's one heck of a way to bring in my next year of life.

I was also reminded how lucky I am to have such amazing friends that took time out of their days (er, nights) to make me feel special. Ansley put off Med School studying (I really had to convince her to do that... haha), Matthew came out after he got off work, and Catherine was our DD. My golden birthday was spent with some golden people.

I'm obsessed with this jumpsuit. It fits incredibly well and is suuuper flattering on my figure. I mean, look how skinny I look! My mom pointed that out when she was stalking all the pictures. In addition to fitting well, it was so comfortable! Sometimes one piece outfits can bunch and wedge in all the wrong places and thankfully this one doesn't.

Here's to another year of fabulous clothes, fabulous friends, and even better memories. I plan to make my golden birthday a golden year.

A plane ticket to somewhere would be pretty great, too! ;) 

What's the best way to bring in a birthday?

*A golden birthday is when you turn the number of the date of your birthday — I turned 24 on the 24th.
Jumpsuit: Macy's 
 Clutch: Coach
Earrings: Gift
Ring: Swarovski 
Bracelets: Gift

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