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Red Carpet Rundown — 2015 SAG Awards

The 2015 SAG Awards Red Carpet had a number of looks on it tonight — ranking all across the spectrum.

Carpet queens like Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon nailed it, but let's be honest, we're not surprised.

Some stars recovered after Golden Globe fails, but that didn't stop other from making those mistakes.

Let's take a look at this year's 2015 SAG Red Carpet! 

Maisie Williams

This dress is adorable! 

Maisie is only 17 and I'm obsessed with this dress on her! It's fun, it's flirty and age appropriate. 

The red looks great against her skin, too! I'm glad she kept the dress short because against the carpet and the background would be too much!

I do wish she wore a different color shoe, only because she looks like she was coordinating with the step-and-repeat behind her. 

I rate it: 9/10

Alysia Reiner

I'm not a big fan of this dress.

It's bunching in areas that make it unflattering and the mermaid bottom is too much for me. Add in the ruffles at the top and yikes.

The bottom of the dress also is blending with the carpet and that doesn't help her, either. 

But she looks fantastic from the shoulders up!

I rate it: 5/10

Sarah Hyland
wearing custom Vera Wang

I love her on red carpets because of her fantastic style.

Though this is not my favorite look of her I still think she looks fabulous.

Something about the dress under the sheer black is what I don't like. I can't quite put my finger on it. 

This would be a slam dunk if the skirt underneath the sheer was actually a pant. 

I rate it: 8/10

Gretchen Mol

This is a great dress! 

It's fun and classic, not to mention it sparkles. 

The sleeves are dainty and don't overpower the dress, which very important. 

She needs to hem the dress a little more so it flows when she walks instead of bunching when she stands! 

I also wish she would have done a slightly darker lip. She and the dress are on the lighter side it could have really made her pop. 

I rate it: 7/10

Kelly MacDonald

I am not a fan. 

The dress is cute for brunch or something but not a red carpet.

The shoes don't help either. They look like the first pair of heels I would've gotten in the 90's.

The dress is under accessorized and doesn't catch my attention, at all. She's a beautiful lady and didn't do herself justice.

I rate it: 3/10

Keltie Knight

I'm loving this color and the shoulder cape is to die for!

I could do without the detail under the bust line. It looks odd to me. Like a tiara bra?

I'm not too keen on her shoes, either. The dress is such a statement she should have kept them simple.

I rate it: 7/10 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
wearing Monique Lhuillier

Girl is werking it

She looks absolutely fantastic!

Great fit and great fashion is what it's all about. 

I rate it: 10/10

Uzo Aduba

I do not like this here and I do not like it there.

This looks like Phaedra Parks from RHOA's bathing suit cover up, not something to be worn on the red carpet.

That being said, the color is gorgeous against Uzo's skin tone. It really makes her pop. It's just the fishnet, holey style of this dress that kills me.

I rate it: 2/10

Anna Chlumsky

Crazy eyes aside, this dress is fierce!

I'm a huge fan of the detailing at the top. It's very unique and the auburn color of the dress looks amazing on Anna.

There are two things I'd change about this dress:
1- the length. I wish it didn't bunch on the carpet. With the amount of money she has, she could have easily had it tailored shorter or gotten higher heels.
2- Her hair. She should have it pulled up, rather than slicked back and down her back. The straight, centered part with the obvious roots is a big no-no.

I rate it: 7/10

Laura Carmichael

This dress is different and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I want to see the back and see if/how the solid paneling continues. 

I would've liked it better if the white was across more of the top, not just coming from her side and looking like the designer ran out of solid white while making a mini dress and decided to finish with this zebra-esque striped sheer.

I rate it: 6/10

Gwendoline Christie
wearing Giles

She looks like she's channeling her inner Marilyn. Her face has nailed it but the dress did not.

The fit is not flattering, the dress looks wrinkled, it's puckering in strange places and just not. working.

I rate it: 2/10

Kiera Knightley
wearing Erdem

This is much, much, much, MUCH better than the Chanel peasant dress she wore to the Golden Globes.

She is a mom-to-be and she's giving us the tiniest glimpse at her burgeoning baby bump and for that reason I do wish the dress under the peplum was a bit more form fitting.

The color is amazing on her.

I rate it: 8/10

Natasha Lyonne 
wearing Proenza Schouler

I don't hate it but I'm not wowed. Her hair and clutch are my favorite parts of this dress.

It fits her well and it's not hideous but it's not the best thing I've seen all night.

I rate it: 7/10

Felicity Jones 
wearing Balenciaga 

 This dress is stunning!

It's unique, it fits, and makes a statement.

The only thing I would change would be to pick a different color. This blush peach is washing her out a bit.

I rate it: 9/10

Emmy Rossum
wearing Armani Privé


Absolutely gorgeous. The detail on the dress is so beautiful.

It's so flattering and fits very well.

With all the detailing on the dress, the minimal jewelry is perfect.

I rate it: 10/10

Edie Falco
wearing Randi Rahm 

This dress is alright.

Upon first glance I thought she looked fabulous but the longer I keep looking I see small things that are changing my mind.

Don't get me wrong, she looks fabulous but the sheer triangle tops turned sleeves on her bust are the biggest issue I have with this. It's not flattering her bust and the string on her shoulder looks like elastic that slipped out.

I rate it: 6/10

Sophie Turner

I love love love this!

She's 18, she's keeping it fresh and keeping it fun. 

The angle of the dress hits her at the right spots and the adorable shoes are the perfect accessory for the dress. 

Bonus points for also keeping her hair to the same side as the dress. 

I rate it: 10/10

Amy Poehler
wearing Jenny Packham

Amy looks fabulous.

It's no secret that I love just about anything that sparkles and this is great.

The blue brings out her eyes and looks great with her fair skin.

I do wish the dress had a little more detail or mph that drew your eyes in to something rather than her cleavage.

I rate it: 8/10

Sophia Bush

The only thing about this dress that I like is the color.

The top looks like a corset and the u-seam across the waist looks unfinished.

On the topic of looking unfinished, that slit looks like her heel ripped it and they just said "lets go with it!"

She's so beautiful and this is so depressing.

I rate it: 2/10

Dascha Polanco

This dress looks impeccable on Dascha.

The fit flatters her curves, the print is great, and she is working it.

I wish she had added a pop of color on her lips or her earrings, but aside from that she looks amazing.

I rate it: 10/10

Julianne Moore
wearing Givenchy Couture

I like the color but the dress is channeling mermaid.

Like, straight up Ariel.

Also, what's up with the sequin drops?

Not so sure about this look.

I rate it: 2/10

Emilia Clarke

Wait, am I seeing double?

This looks like the darker and more flowy version of Felicity Jones's dress.

That being said, I prefer Felicity's. The lighter color allows you to see the detail of the dress, unlike the navy and black of this dress.

I rate it: 6/10 

Melissa Rauch

Speaking of doubles, this looks like the prettier sister to Sophia Bush's dress.

This is how it should look. The upside-down u-seam flatters and the colors also compliment her skin tone.

I do wish it was a little shorter because then it wouldn't wrinkle and bunch at the bottom.

Also a nice necklace would have been fabulous.

I rate it: 9/10

Ariel Winter
wearing Zac Posen

Wow, you would never guess she was 16.

That being said, the fit of the dress is incredible. Her boobs are lifted, her waist is accentuated, her hips are popping (in the good way), and she is rocking a cape.

The contrast of her black hair, nails, and clutch is on point.

I rate it: 9/10

Julianna Margulies 
wearing Giambattista Valli 

This color is stunning.

I have a love/hate feeling towards this dress.

Julianna is tiny and the top fits her very, very well. That's the love part.

The bottom is where the hate starts brewing. The bunching on the hips and the impossibly high slit are a lot for the eye to take in.

I rate it: 6/10

Viola Davis
wearing custom Max Mara

Her career is booming and so is her style.

She looks amazing in this white gown. It's age appropriate while still being sexy.

The pop of color from her earrings stands out and she is rocking her natural hair.

She is taking the world by storm and she won't let anyone stop her.

I rate it: 10/10

Andrea Riseborough

Oh. Well.

The color is nice.

As for the rest, my momma told me not to say anything if I can't say anything nice.

I rate it: 2/10

Julie Bowen 

She looks fabulous but I do think this gown would work a little better in the spring time.

This fit is incredible though. It shows off her toned arms and tiny waist. Her hair and make up is also on. point.

I rate it: 10/10 

Julia Roberts
wearing Givenchy 

Does she ever do anything wrong?

She looks incredible.

Women in menswear inspired attire is hot hot hot.

and look at that, so is she.

I rate it: 10/10 

Paula Patton 
wearing Ayesha

From afar, the dress looks beautiful.

But as you look closer it looks incredibly heavy.

Big stones and gold bits on top of what looks like lots of white beads is too much.

I rate it: 6/10

Sarah Paulson 
wearing Armani Privé

This dress is great but it's not my favorite look.

A classic with a modern twist. But a little snoozy.

The white crop top look over the form fitting black creates the illusion of an even tinier waist. 

I rate it: 8/10

Rosamund Pike
wearing Dior

I'm a much bigger fan of this dress than her Golden Globes gown.

This is fun, it makes a statement, and makes her pop.

The train is just the right length and looks like it just skirts the ground which I bet creates great movement.

I rate it: 10/10

Natalie Dormer
wearing Naeem Khan 

This dress is pretty but nothing memorable.

It actually reminds me of my best friends prom dress from one year.

The design on the dress is pretty but the skirt is way too long.

She also needs to do something else with her hair. She blonde half-waves on her one shoulder takes away from the dress. Put the hair up and show off those earrings!

I rate it: 6/10

Reese Witherspoon 
wearing Armani

She's done it again. She looks simply stunning.

Who knew a white gown could make such a statement.

The fit is impeccable, the length is perfect, and her hair and accessories is just right.

I rate it: 10/10

Tatiana Maslany
wearing Oscar de la Renta

I love the look until the hip.

The black and white stripes are gorgeous but the bunching of the fabric just makes Tatiana look short and the bunching at the bottom didn't help.

I rate it: 6/10

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
wearing Ramona Keveza


Kaley looks great in this dress. It fits her curves and it's not too long (which has been my #1 complaint this carpet!).

I do wish she had a necklace or something on her chest/neck.

I rate it: 8/10

Maggie Gyllenhaal
wearing Thakoon

Meh, this dress isn't doing anything for me.

It fits but nothing is standing out. I don't hate it but it's nothing I'd look at twice.

I rate it: 6/10

Emma Stone
wearing Dior

Does she ever not look incredible?

She's also rocking the menswear trend but has given it a nice feminine twist.

Love it. The red lip is killer, too.

I rate it: 10/10

Jennifer Aniston
wearing vintage Galliano

Classic Jen.

How many times have we seen this look on her? Low cut, cleavage necklace, and great fit.

She looks absolutely incredible, as she often does.

Get it, girl.

I rate it: 9/10

Lupita Nyong'o
wearing Elie Saab

It's not a red carpet without seeing what Lupita Nyong'o has on!

This dress isn't my favorite but she looks stunning. I wish the dress was a solid color with the stripes instead of the splotches of color.

The flow of the dress makes her look like she's walking on air.

I rate it: 7/10

Rashida Jones
in Ungaro

I'm disappointed in this. She is so beautiful and this dress does nothing for her.

If the dress was entirely blue it would be stunning but there is something about this pattern that doesn't mesh with me.

Other than that, she looks great.

I rate it: 6/10

Camila Alves
wearing Donna Karan

As expected, Camila is stunning.

Her figure is killer in this dress and the purple is gorgeous against her skin.

Just me or does it look like it's velvet?

Also, I'm not so keen on that sash that falls from the hip and just drags.

I rate it: 6/10

As the award season continues, the red carpet looks are just getting better! This has been my favorite carpet thus far and I'm excited to see what the future carpets have in store for us.

It was hard to decide on my best and worst dressed. There were so many options — for both! 

Without further adieu, I present: 

Best Dressed: Sophie Turner! Her look has stuck in my mind this entire blog post. Something about it just stuck with me.  She looks glam but also age appropriate. I think she will be someone to watch in the years to come. 

Worst Dressed: Gwendoline Christie! Yikes. She just looked sloppy. The dress did not do her justice. 

Who is your best and worst dressed?

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