Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Maxi skirts.

The fancy yoga pant.

We all have them.

We all wear them.

Year round.

But I sometimes struggle with this particular maxi in the warmer months.

It's burgundy (think: red wine) in color and a little dark for the warmer months.

So what's the best way do spruce it up?

Well, it came to me one morning while looking for something to wear to church. I needed something that would keep my un-shaven legs hidden and something I can pair a sweater with because it's always freezing in there.

My hair was on point that morning 

It's not just for hair, y'all.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term (cough, mom, cough), ombre similar to color blocking (like the pink shirt and red collared shirt in Royally Speaking), meaning it's all the same color family, but it's not as hard of a transition.

I bought this skirt in London 2012 and another one just like it, but black and white striped (seen here). Both came with belts— this skirt a black one and the striped skirt a red one. I saw the red belt and the burgundy skirt hanging in my too-small closet, and voila, the inspiration was born!

From there I added a light pink tank top and a red-pink sweater — both of which I've had forever. Unfortunately the pink tank didn't translate well in the photographs, so you'll have to take my word for it.

I absolutely loved how the sweater tied everything together. I tucked it in to the skirt to keep it in place. I only wanted a peek of the tank to show through and buttoning it didn't look right.

I finished the look with a natural pink lipstick to stay in the color family. Quite the effort to sit in a dark sanctuary where no one can really even see what I'm wearing or look like.. ha! #FashionistaProbs, right?!

Maxi skirts are amazing items of clothing that we all need to own multiple pairs of. By creating an ombre effect with the colors of this outfit, I'm maxi-mizing the opportunity to wear this maxi.

How do you like to liven up darker pieces for the warmer weather?

Sweater: Delia*s
Tank: J. Crew
Skirt: Primark
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