Monday, December 22, 2014

Getting in the Holiday Leggings

 The time for the festive leggings has come and I have been milking it! Leggings are already incredibly comfortable but slap some Christmas decor on them and I'm sold.

I purchased these Christmas tree leggings at the same time as the leggings in "Bold in the Crazy Cold". Little did I know these two pairs would be incredibly different!

Unlike the striped leggings, these leggings are not lined but are instead super, super soft.

The first time I wore them I got a number of compliments, which I followed up with "feel how soft they are!" and extending my leg. Upon the first touch, everyone who felt them's eyes widened and an "oh my gosh!" emerged from their mouths. Until I got my snowflake sweater, these were the softest things I had ever owned, and now they're a close second.

The only thing that really bothers me about these is the waist band. It is a high waist (like many others) but I think it's supposed to be folded down, but it doesn't really stay, so I just keep it all the way up (which covers my stomach until a couple inches below my bra band). Since it's not tight it can show a ripple and fold under your shirt(s). But because I always wear them with a tight SNUG cami, it often will hold it down and in place as well as keep it smooth.

With a variety of colors in the leggings, they're easily paired with a number of things. On this day in particular, I was bumming around the house, blogging, wearing these leggings and a black tank. It was then I got a call from my parents saying I gave my sister the flu (whoops!) and they suggested I take her some soup. So I threw on my long sleeve shirt, a necklace and some black boots and was out!

I'm not one of those anti-leggings-for-pants people, especially when they're covered in a Christmas print. If you can't help but smile when you see these (or any unique holiday apparel) then you must be kin to the Grinch, pre-heart growth.

With Christmas days away, it's now or never (...or wait another 11½  months)  to wearing these festive leggings so I'm milking it for all I can.

and don't hate on me if I'm still wearing them leading up to New Years, mkay?

Merry Christmas!

What's your favorite festive item to wear this time of year?

Long sleeve shirt: Target
Necklace: it was a gift
Boots: Macys
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