Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Christmas, Doggone it!

Since it's Christmas I figured I'd take a little break and instead, bring you some joy via the one who brings me joy... Bogart!

Of course, he's modeling some of the latest fashions...!


Rudolph the failed out Guide Dog

Super Bogie

Surfs up

No photos, please


Santa's laziest helper

Do these socks make me look furry?

I can helps cook

Does this match my eyes?

I'll only be a reindeer if kids leave me peanut butter

Rain, rain, go away

I promise I'll be good if you take this sock off

I clean up pretty well

Go Braves!

I'z can swim!


Baby Bogey in a little vest!

I leave no prints

Tinsel to you too

Where is my pipe and scotch?

I woke up like dis

Golly gorshe I'd like some water

I wreath you a Merry Christmas

I am NOT on Santa's naughty list!

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